Thank you for your contribution to TDC 2023!

Dear Speaker, We hope you are doing well! Let’s begin by applauding your invaluable contribution as a speaker at this year’s conference. You were the driving force behind the success of TDC 2023, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your efforts.

TDC 2023, the ninth gem on the string of conferences since our inception in 2012, was a tremendous success. This day truly became something special with inspiring talks, a wealth of knowledge flowing like a river, and interactions that will be remembered for a long time.

To make TDC even better, we rely on feedback. Please take a moment to answer four questions about the conference. You can access the survey here:

As you are likely aware, TDC is powered by the technology community in Trondheim and receives support from the Norwegian Data Association (DND). Our vision has always been clear: to create a conference driven by the technology community, a platform where tech enthusiasts can come together, share, and build connections.

All the profits from TDC go back to the technology community and future conferences. In 2023, we want to spotlight the opportunity to support meetups. If you’re involved in meetups that promote the IT technology ecosystem in Trondheim – for instance, in design, agile practices, or software development – you can apply for support for meeting venues or refreshments. You can reach out to us at

A heartfelt thank you for your participation in TDC 2023. We eagerly look forward to welcoming you back to our conference next year with even greater anticipation and hearts full of gratitude.

With the utmost respect,
Trondheim Developer Conference