Call for Presentations

Our Call for presentations are now closed. We are currently in the process of reviewing all submissions.
We will now continue to publish the conference agenda that will consists of multiple tracks for digital design, front-end, back-end, agile developers, and many other interesting topics. Our conference strives to reach a balance between local, national and international speakers, and a relatively large share of call-for-presentation submissions.

TDC is a noncommercial event where all profit goes towards next year’s conference and other community events throughout the year in Trondheim. For example, some of the profits from TDC is used to rent venues where all user groups can hold meetups throughout the year, and the statutes of the conference is to help existing and new user groups to create an arena where all who share a passion for IT in Trondheim can meet for great talks, lively discussions and networking.

What is it like speaking at

TDC has become the most important IT event in the Trondheim area! You can see for yourself – almost 200 videos from previous years talks are available for free at Vimeo! You can also browse through our old conference pages at https://{2012..2019+2023}

We can brag as much as we want, but TDC would be nothing without all the great speakers! That’s why we hope to have your help to make sure that TDC 2024 will be at least as awesome as the earlier events.

TDC is committed to diversity, and we are especially interested in quality submissions from groups that are under-represented in tech.

Formats and durations

All submissions for TDC should think about which format the talk will work best in. Are you presenting a new idea, or do you require more time to elaborate on your subject? How hands-on do you want to be? We have two formats you can present your material in.

Presentations will be either 20 minutes or 40 minutes. Our team will be in touch with your slot length.

Audience and topics

TDC is a conference for both developers, designers and everything IT, with an emphasis on technical talks. However, we are open to talks about all areas of IT including methodology, project management, etc.

Ongoing evaluation of talks

Each year we receive many submissions and we consider each submission as it arrives. Due to the large amount of submission we can however not guarantee that you hear from us immediately. We do however answer all submissions and try to do so no later than in August.


February 15th

CFP opens


April 7th

CFP closes







Full program



October 20th

Speakers dinner

– –

October 21st

TDC 2024!

What’s in it for me?

Any speaker with an accepted presentation will of course get free admission to the conference. Additionally you are also invited to the speakers’ dinner, held on the night before the conference, October 20th.

Coverage of Expenses
Please see our reimbursement policy if you have any questions regarding coverage of other expenses.

Important principles

TDC is proud to be an independent and community-driven conference. It is organised by volunteers from many of Trondheims IT-meetups and is run as a non-profit organisation. This means that we have three important principles for selecting talks:

  • We do not sell speaker slots
  • We do not accept sales pitches masked as presentations
  • We do not differentiate between speakers from partners and independent speakers

If your talk adheres to these very important principles, you are more than welcome to submit it to our Call for Presentations!

We hope to see you at TDC 2024 — Please feel free to spread the word to your local community!